Date: 13th May 2016
5 Wire Motorized ON/OFF Valve-HTW-W27-5W Series
If you are looking for one of the best customized 5 wire motorized on/off valve-htw-w27-5w series manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, or a professional factory, Hotowell International is always at your service.1. GeneralHTW-W27 Series Motorized Valves are used to control the flow of hot water/chillingwater, in heating/cooling or air-conditioning applications so as to control roomtemperature indirectly. It consists of Actuator and Valve Body. The valve is normallyclosed. When thermostat(with NTC sensor)transfers a signal to actuator, which switch on power supply, and then opens valve letting hot water or chilling water to fan coil unit. If the room temperature reaches set-point, the thermostat transfers a signal to actuator to cut off the power supply and spring return switches the valve off, and stops the flow of hot or chilling water. Therefore, the room temperature could be kept as a constant temperature through valve opened or closed.2. Characteristics & Materials?Valve Body: Forged Brass?Actuator plate: Stainless Steel ??Cover: Aluminum?Valve Stem: Brass?Single direction motorized drive, stainless steel spring return?Configuration: Normally Closed Two-way and Diverting Three-wayThe power supply and connection type can be made as requestedActuator and Valve Body can be easily assembled and disassembled and installed without any tools3. Main parameters:?Power Supply: AC220V?10% 50/60Hz?Consumption: 6.5W?Compressive Strength: 1.6Mpa?Valve Working Time: ? ? ? ? ? ??3-way valve: Opening Time:14~18s Closing Time:5~7s2-way Valve: Opening Time:8~12s Closing Time:3~5s?Working Temperature: 5~40??Pipe Water Temperature:5~90?
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