Date: 13th May 2016
Differential Pressure Transmitter
If you are looking for one of the best customized differential pressure transmitter manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, or a professional differential pressure switch, differential pressure transducer factory, Hotowell International is always at your service. Differential Pressure Transmitter ?HTW-CQ04531??series diffused silicon differential transmitters are consist of both isolation membrane differential pressure sensor and integrated circuit, Has characteristics of high precision, good stability, high reliability and good sensibility. Also can build high-performance microprocessor(MCU)which can correct nonlinearity and compensate temperature drift. Achieve accurate data transfer, local equipment diagnoses and long-distance bidirectional communication.Feature? Pass aging test?performance is reliable and stableMarking: ExiaIICT6CE certification ApplicationCompatible with 316LSS,noncorrosive gases & liquidsWind pressure & velocity of flow in industry processMeasuring pressure of pipeline &firepotPetroleum industry, chemical industryMeteorological monitoring Ordering example HTW-CQ04531 ? ? ? ?-xx Differential pressure transmitter ? Code Dimension I1 Micro differential pressure cast aluminium housing.(Just measure dry gases) I2 Micro differential pressure plastic housing.(Just measure dry gases) ?1 Full stainless steel, DIN connector ?2 Full stainless steel, direct outgoing line 1.5M ? Range 0~10KPa?..35KPa???~2MPa (0-X) KPa or MPa X: Range ? Code Power supply D1 24VDC D2 Others ? Code Output signal S1 4?20mADC S2 1?5VDC S3 0?5VDC S4 0?10mAC S5 0?20mAC S6 0?10VDC ? Code Pressure port J1 ?7 air cock J2 M20*1.5??male J3 G1/4???female J4 customize Ordering notes1.Media must compatible with wetted parts.2.To ensure the products can working reliable, we suggest that customer install three valve group between measure point and transmitter that can assure media flow to positive & negative cavity slowly and uniformly.3.Suggest to put two pressure port as the same level when install so as to minimize the position influence.4.Special requirement ,such as strong shock, moment vibration, strong electromagnetism, radio frequency interference ,please consult us. Warranty:Pressure transmitters have a limited one-year warranty to the original purchaser. Hengtong will replace or repair defective products free of charge. This warranty does not apply to any units have been modified, misused, neglected. Specification Range ?: 0~200Pa?..1000Kpa ?: 0~20Kpa?..35Kpa???~2MPa Medium ?: Dry gases compatible with??Aluminium casting or plastic ?:Liquids or gases compatible with?316LSS Proof pressure 1.5X rated range or 7MPa?Which ever is less? Accuracy ?0.25%?Typical????0.5%?Max.? Static pressure 5X rated range or 7MPa which ever is less Long term stability ?0.5%F.S/Year??200KPa????????0.2%F.S/Year??2000KPa? Zero temperature Drift ?0.03%F.S/???100KPa?????0.02%F.S/???100KPa? Span temperature Drift ?0.03%F.S/???100KPa?????0.02%F.S/???100KPa? Operating temperature range -20?~80? Storage temperature range -40?~120? Power supply 15?36VDC Output signal ?:4?20mA ?:4?20mA????0?10/20mA???0/1?5/10VDC Pressure port G1/4 Female???6 air cock or customize Housing material 1Cr18Ni9Ti??Stainless steel , aluminium casting or plastic? Diaphragm material 316L O ring Fluororubber Cable ?Polyethylene ventilate cable Insulation resistance 100M?,100VDC Protection IP65
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