Date: 13th May 2016
Dynamic FCU Balancing Control Valves-HTW-V26-VCB Series
If you are looking for one of the best customized dynamic fcu balancing control valves-htw-v26-vcb series manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, or a professional factory, Hotowell International is always at your service.Hotowell VCB series FCU balancing control valve is?designed to control the flow of hot and/or chilled water inzoning systems applications. This is a self balanced flow?control valve used in 2-way on/off controls for flow rate?ranging from 0.28 to 2.3 m3/h.VCB series combines the dynamic balancing and electric?onoff functions in a single valve body. It consists of a VC?series actuator, a control valve insert and a constant flow balancing cartridge in a valve assembly.?FEATURESVCB Series Control Valve? Combination of dynamic balancing and electric onofffunction in one body? Every loop automatically limited to design flow? Simplified pipe calculation? Quick and easy setup? No balancing work required? Integrated valve body reduced installation space? Stainless steel valve stem resists corrosion & longservice life? Twist lock mount for actuator head. Actuator can beinstalled after plumbing work has been completed toprevent damage? In this balanced valve design, the control cartridgemoves up and down, across water flow. The actuatorprovides sinusoidal piston travel action for soft shut-offand opening to eliminate water hammer in mostapplications.VC series Actuator? All actuators are interchangeable and suitable for valves??~1?. This provides installation flexibility with minimuminventory requirement.? Actuator is powered by a unidirectional motor and crankarm mechanism.? Motor only operates for few seconds each cycle, powerconsumption is minimal and motor life greatly extended.? Locking tab secures actuator to valve body. To removethe head, depress the tab and then rotate the actuatorby 45o.? The actuator is constructed for moisture and humidityresistant material.SPECIFICATIONSValve Body Pressure: Static - 240 psi (16 Bars), Burst - 1500 psi (100 Bars)Operational P: Max. 60 psi (4 Bars)Media temperature: 1? to 95?C (min / max)Valve Body: BronzeControl Insert: Ryton? (polyphenylene sulphide), & Noryl? (polyphenylene oxide);?Oring seals of EPDM rubber; stainless steel stemFlow Control Precision:?5%Stem Travel: 10mmFlow Cartridge: Stainless Steel, flow rate 0.28 ~ 2.3 m3/hValve End Connection: BSPP (Internal Thread)Nominal timing: Valve opens in 6 secs @60Hz (20% longer @ 50 Hz)Actuator Voltage: 100-130V 50/60Hz, 220/240V 50/60HzPower consumption: 6W Max. Nominal Voltage (during valve position change)Electrical termination: With integral 1m lead cableOperating ambient temperature: 0 to 65?CShipping & storage temperature: -40 to +65?CAtmosphere: Non-corrosive, non-explosive?
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