Date: 13th May 2016
Modulating Damper Actuator Control Ball Valve-HTW-71-18B5 Series
If you are looking for one of the best customized modulating damper actuator control ball valve-htw-71-18b5 series manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, or a professional factory, Hotowell International is always at your service.1.GeneralHTW-71-18B5 Series Motorized Ball Valves are assembled with a force of actuator from 8Nm,16Nm,20Nm, to 24Nm with valve body sized from G1(DN25) to G2(DN50). With power supply optional:AC24?10%, 50/60Hz or AC220?10%, 50/60Hz, whose control signal can be customized as ON/OFF, 0(2)~10VDC or 4~20mA, with or without non-voltage feedback contact.They are widely used in Heating, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Building Auto-Control system. With their precisely adjusting of the medium flow rate, this series ball valves accordingly control temperature, humidity, pressure for an Energy-Saving purpose.2.Actuator Features?Equal percentage flow, valve body overall design, zero leaking;??600Kpa close off pressure differential, PN1.6 valve pressure;?4 directions actuator installed in, easy to wire and maintenance;?Built-In two floating auxiliary switches, equipped with auto power shut as properly positioned ;??Actuator easily mounted/dismounted after pipe mounted completely;?Eliminate reverse flow slam and water hammer.3.Valve Body Features?Valve body size:G1(DN25)-G2(DN50);?Connection: G/BSP thread;?Medium: cold or hot water or 60% glycol;?Control Signal: On/Off or 0(2)~10VDC or 4~20mA;?Voltage Supply:220Vac?10%, 24Vac?10%;?Power Consumption?6W;?Output Torque: 8Nm,16Nm,20Nm or 24Nm??Open/Close Running time:40~80S;?Media temperature range:?1?C~95?C????????Ambient temperature:?0?C~60?C?Max. Pressure of valve body:2.0Mpa4.Specification FormModelValveThreadSizeActuator Torgue(Nm)Work MediumMedia Temp.Ambient?Temp.Pressure(MPa)Power SupplyHTW-71-18B5 ? ? ? ?-225Two-wayG18Nm/10Nm?Chilling water/Hot water/60% Glycol1-95?0-60?2.0???????24Vac?220Vac50/60HZHTW-71-18B5 ? ? ? ?-325Three-wayG18Nm/10NmHTW-71-18B5 ? ? ? ?-232Two-wayG1.1/416NmHTW-71-18B5 ? ? ? ?-332Three-wayG1.1/416NmHTW-71-18B5-240Two-wayG1.1/216NmHTW-71-18B5-340Three-wayG1.1/216NmHTW-71-18B5-250Two-wayG216/24NmHTW-71-18B5-350Three-wayG216/24Nm?
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